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70 دائره الكترونيه 70 Interesting Circuits

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 كتاب 70 دائره الكترونيه   70 Interesting Circuits 

تحميل كتاب 70 دائره الكترونيه 70 Interesting Circuits
70 Interesting Circuits

كتاب 70 دائره الكترونيه 70 Interesting Circuits يحتوي علي مجموعه مختاره من الدوائره الالكترونيه المثيره للاهتمام والكتاب يتناول الدوائر بالشرح والكتاب بصيغه PDF

منقول من الكتاب :


They have been presented for a reason.

The original circuits come from an Indian Electronics Magazine and

most of them had faults. Either they were over-designed, poorly

designed or contained a fault.

In the process of bringing these faults and corrections to you, we

have created this eBook of 70 Interesting Circuits.

You can lean a lot from other peoples mistakes. Not only will you

remember not to make the same mistake but the corrections and

improvements generally require less components.

The art of designing a circuit is to make it as simple as possible and

use the least number of components.

But before you put a design into production, get someone else to

look at it.

Another "set of eyes" will see things differently and maybe simplify

or improve the design

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